Webportal Media LTD
POBox 54039, Ellis Alexiou 5, Ayios Athanasios
4106 Limassol
Cyprus Zypern


Mail: office@kausani.eu
Internet : www.kausani.eu


CEO: Mihaila Felicia, Company Register No. 188172,
TIC: 12188172X, VAT: CY10188172V


our services are not available
to customers outside of cyprus and malta

Trademark Policy:
We maintain a policy of avoiding unnecessary disputes relative to trademark claims. As such, we diligently review communications from third parties asserting that one of our domains conflicts with their prior rights. If the documentary evidence provided establishes the prior right and that an actual conflict exists with our actual use of the domain name, we voluntarily transfer the domain name subject to appropriate documentation. If you believe you hold such a prior right, please contact us at the email address office@kausani.eu.